Workplace safety should be every employer’s top priority — but it’s most critical in industrial facilities where the risk of on-the-job injuries is at its peak.

To protect workers against the regular hazards of working in the plant, facility managers must implement safety measures to mitigate these risks.

Bar Grating vs. Safety Grating What’s the Difference Metalex

Among the most common workplace injuries are slips and falls — responsible for 15% of all accidental workplace deaths.

To ensure walkways, service rooms, and other passages are clean, dry, and safe to walk on, a number of walkway grating solutions have emerged over the years.

Let’s look at two walkway safety products — bar grating and safety grating — to examine their effectiveness.


Safety Grating

Bar Grating


  Customizable patterns

  No-slip surface

  Easy to roll pallets/carts

  Welded steel composition

  Corrosion resistance


Bar Grating

bar-gratingCommonly used on platforms and catwalks, bar grating features a welded steel composition that provides a strong no-slip surface. It is comprised of wide holes that allow the passage of light through the grating to the floor below. Bar grating is not without its faults, however.

The material thickness of steel bar grating can lead to increased weight and manufacturing costs. The holes, though helpful in enhancing visibility, can put workers below the platform at risk of being hit by objects falling through them. The wheels of rolling pallets and carts can get caught in large slots as well, making it difficult to efficiently transport objects from one part of the plant to another.

Safety Grating

Hole Shapes and PatternsSafety grating is the versatile, lightweight solution for slip resistance on equipment, walkways or manufacturing floors. Metalex’s diamond patterned Deck Span® and round holed Open-Grip® provide 360-degree slip resistance and ensure that light and small debris pass through while preventing the passage of large debris.

Our Safety Grating is offered in a broad range of materials and our programmable die technology allows for a customizable design for any application.

Protect Your Employees with Safety Grating

The manufacturing industry accounts for 16% of fall-related injuries. Don’t let your organization add to the statistic; learn about how to select a safety grating option that works for you. Download our eBook “The Benefits of Safety Grating Over Other Options” for more information.

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